Sligo Elementary

Sligo Adventist School is an institution that has been educating children in our area for 100 years. We are proud to be their sole constituent church and even prouder that so many children have come through the doors of this school and had an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ as part of their education. 


Check out our kindergarteners: 



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Takoma Adventist Academy is a benefit to our community as a adventist educational institution, as a positive influence on our future generations and as a leader in community outreach. We support our local Academy!


Check out the Choir at a competition in 2015:






Washington Adventist University is the campus that Sligo Church is located on. We partner with WAU in many, many ways that enhance the experience for both of our institutions. We love our students and as they grow in their education we endeavor to be a major part of their spiritual experience.



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