Homes of Hope

Homes of Hope

Small-group Bible Study Ministry

Homes of Hope are groups of Sligo members and neighbors dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a study of Scripture with the mission of sharing our faith with our neighbors. Each meeting is based on Fellowship, Prayer, and Bible Study. The groups are encouraged to accept a special project that will help to meet the needs of our communities. We invite you to join a group and make new friends. Together we can share the Gospel with our community.

Home Groups typically meet from 11-15 weeks. You are welcome to join a group at any time. Before you attend the first meeting, please call the group leader for any updates.

We also invite you to start a Homes of Hope Bible study group in your home. Sligo Church will provide you with study materials and find a Discussion Leader for you if needed.

For more information and/or materials or if you would like to start your own group, call: Beth Wear (301)-434-1963.

Days of the Week that Homes of Hope Groups meet:

Sabbath       Beltsville, Daniel and Revelation

Sabbath       Upper Marlboro, In His Steps

Sabbath       Takoma Park, Daniel

Sabbath       Gaithersburg, Foundations of Faith

Sunday        Takoma Park, Foundations of Faith (Portuguese Creole)

Thursday     Takoma Park, Acts of the Apostles.           

Friday         Takoma Park, Daniel and Revelation


Note:  You are welcome to attend even if the group is "in progress."

Listing and description of the Homes of Hope Groups:


Day and Time: Sabbath afternoons, 3:30 PM  (In progress)

Topic:  Daniel and Revelation Prophecies of Hope, by Gary Gibbs.

Supporters:  The Thomas, Philip, Philpotts-Kerr, and Wear families.

Address:  5221 Cochran Road, Beltsville MD 20705

Leaders: Marjorie Sleeman (301)937-4118, Fitzroy Thomas (301)595-4476

We welcome new members to our Sabbath afternoon Bible discussion. This is an on-going study --you don't have to begin at the beginning to understand these prophecies. Verse by verse, all of us are learning, discussing and sharing resources. Several non-SDA visitors attend --so we while we are directed by the Spirit of Prophecy in our personal study, we use only the Bible in our group study. We have no goal to finish on a particular date --we are taking our time. Come enjoy the journey with us.

Upper Marlboro

Day and Time:  The 2nd Sabbath of the month, 2 PM (In progress)

Topic:  In His Steps

Supporters:  Ronald Colbert, Rona Colbert, Fionna Grandison, Rose Wright, Sam Wright, Endea Thibodeaux

Leaders: Carol and James Hammond (301) 572-7536

We invite you to spend one Sabbath afternoon a month with good fellowship, yummy food, and Bible study in the Hammond's home. The group covers topics of the Seventh-day Adventist church and welcomes discussion. Please bring a friend and we will study together how to better live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  For our shared lunch, bring your favorite (vegetarian) dish that serves 10-12.

Takoma Park

Day: Saturday, 5:00 PM (Closed during October) (In progress)

Topic:  Daniel: A Story of Faith and Hope. Published by Sligo Church.

Address: 8102 Kennewick Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Supporter:  Norma Mondejar Sumicad

Leaders: Berilo and Ester Bacud (240) 425-7035

Come with us and help us give Bible studies to a neighbor who lives close to our house. We'll walk to the home, visit, sing favorite hymns, and pray together. At the request of our neighbor we are studying the prophecies of Daniel. Since she is house-bound she would love to have a larger group and hear your comments. Join us as we share our faith.


Day and Time:  The 2nd Sabbath of the month, 2 PM (Starting March 12)

Topic: Foundations of Our Faith. Published by Sligo Church

Address: #5 Tisberry Hill Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Supporters: Silvie Johnson

Leaders:  Raj and Elizabeth Abel (240) 477-4078

Sabbath is a wonderful time to study the Bible. Our study will be on two levels --the first is to enjoy being a part of a Small-Group Bible study. The second is to review the tenets of our faith, feeling secure enough so that we can open our own homes and give effective Bible studies with the easy-to-use Homes of Hope Discussion guides. Bring your favorite dish-enough to serve 10-12 people and we'll begin with a wonderful fellowship lunch. Hope you can join us! We'll all learn together.

Takoma Park

Day and Time:  Sundays 5-6:30 PM (Please call the leaders)

Topics: Prayer, Health, Family, Finances, and Foundations of Our Faith

Address: 8101 Flower Avenue, #4, Takoma Park MD 20912  

Supporters: The Brinckhaus, Rocha, Cardosa, Miongo, Carlos (Joao), Rodrigues (Gerson), Ritinha, and Lobo families.

Leaders: Yolanda Rodrigues and Leonilde Landim (401) 428-0147

We welcome all Cape Verde families from Sligo church and our Cape Verde neighbors surrounding the church. The meetings begin with a short song service and then focus on prayer, prayer journaling and how to see God's answers in our lives. Guest speakers focus on topics such as healthy living, family, the education of children and finances. The group decides which topics and the length of the study.  The language spoken will be Cape Verden Creole. The intent is to meet non-SDA Capeverdeans and to introduce them to God, to the fellowship of Sligo church, and eventually to the beliefs of the SDA church. (All in the group understand English).

Takoma Park

Day and Time:  Fridays at 6 PM during the winter. 7 PM Spring and Summer

(In progress)

Topic:  Daniel and Revelation, Prophecies of Hope by Gary Gibbs

Address: 7903 Cole Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Supporters: Alicia Robertson, Laila Mashy, Jeanette Bryson, Christina Rosette

Leaders: Douglas Wear and Vicki and Manuel Rosette (301)-370-1255

Come start the Sabbath with Christian fellowship as we sit around the table and enjoy a bowl of Vicki's homemade soup.  Praise reports are given and prayer is offered for each request. Following supper we spend an hour on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Some from other churches are hearing this message for the first time. Please invite a neighbor--we welcome discussion.

Takoma Park

Day and Time:  Thursdays, 6:30 PM (In progress)

Topic:  Acts of the Apostles  (NIV, NKJ, Message, New American Standard)

Address: 8014 Barron Street, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Supporters:  Laila Mashny, Nilde Landim, Norman Martin, Alicia Robertson

Leaders: Douglas Wear and Beth Wear (301)434-1963

We hope you will join our group for fellowship and supper at 6:30 and then stay for prayer and Bible Discussion at 7:00. We end promptly at 8 PM. We are currently taking a leisurely tour though Acts -- verse by verse allowing time for everyone to share. A variety of denominations are represented and prayers are for each of those churches as well as for continued support.

7700 Carroll Ave |  Takoma PARK, MD 20912