Somewhere Out There

Author: Pastor Richard Castillo
October 11, 2018

There was a movie that moved me as a kid. It was an animation. It was about a small child mouse that belonged to an immigrant family of mice. During the journey from across the ocean he is separated from his family and has to survive in a rough world, exemplified by a sort of early century New York environment, but on a mouse’s scale. There is a moment in the story where Fievel (our protagonist) has found a safe place to rest and is looking out at the moon. He begins to sing what ends up as a duet with his sister who is in another part of the city, unknown to him.

The song goes, “Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight. Somewhere out there, someone’s saying a prayer, that we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there.“

I have a feeling that there are so many out there, within our congregation and outside of our congregation that would find meaning in these words. The meaning is profound in that we can all find ourselves in a sense of loneliness even when we are surrounded by a hoard of people. We are searching for greater meaning, a deeper connection and a purpose.

Sligo Church is made up of many families, whether literal or embodied by small groups and ministries, that make this community move. We have been given an opportunity to live within a structure that provides ample opportunities for people to become closer; for people to connect. The church continues to look for greater and more impactful ways for our people to grow closer. Yet, there are thousands of individuals within the sound and reach of our voices that are searching, hoping for a home. They may not even know what they are searching for.

Somewhere out there is someone waiting for your personal invitation. Yes, the church will continue to plan events and special Sabbaths and do its share of advertising, but there is nothing as powerful or life changing as your personal invitation.

I pray for all of us to broaden our landscapes and see, not only the need within but also the needs of those we may never notice if we aren’t intentional about looking. God will lead you to them if you ask him to. Fievel finds his family in the end, let’s not wait to find our newest Sligo Church family members. Open your eyes; see with God’s eyes and invite someone to church this weekend.

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